Tuesday 31 December 2013

Safety Tips for Using Free-Standing Ballet Barres

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your flexibility and tone muscles, ballet could just be the ticket. When using free-standing ballet barres in your workout routine, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to ensure your safety while doing so.

When choosing a material, barres made from structural steel barres will be the sturdiest, while most of the thin-gauge aluminum, PVC plastic and wood alternatives can't quite compare. Even the sturdiest barres can have safety issues, however

If finished poorly, they can stain the hands, pass germs and bacteria along, or become hard to grip. Painting is not a long-term solution, chipping off easily and often coming off in small amounts on hands and legs.  Buying units with a powder coated finish will also help prevent rust and make them easier to clean as well.  All Boss Ballet Barres are fully powder coated in a controlled facility, providing years of a germ-resistant, durable and clean finish.

It’s important to check the edges of a ballet barre in order to make sure they are smooth or capped on the end. This can help you avoid getting poked by sharp edges, and can ensure that children will not bump into them and possibly become injured.  With no square edges, all of our barres avoid this issue entirely.

The feet should NOT be made from rubber when choosing a portable barre. Although rubber feet can help to hold the barre in position on certain surfaces, they can also cause marks to form on the floor beneath.  Using a proprietary polyurethane material, our barre feet are made to be durable and non-marking, regardless of the surface, but especially on expensive dance flooring.

By choosing the right ballet barre, you can ensure your workout will be safe and fun for years to come. For the best selection of ballet barres anywhere around, contact us.

Thursday 19 December 2013

Why You Should Use a Ballet Barre to Get In Shape for the Coming Year

Ballet barres are not just for ballerinas, as nearly anyone can use them to help get in shape. Workout routines that make use of a ballet barre are growing in popularity because they provide tremendous benefits for those who participate in them.

Ballet barre workouts tend to combine yoga and Pilates with dance moves. As a result, you’ll be able to lose weight and tone problem areas such as the hips, thighs and buttocks. Not only that, but you’ll also improve your overall body strength and flatten and tone your abdominals as well.

Improved flexibility is a major draw to ballet barres. As a result, you may find it easier to participate in sports due to your increased range of motion. Enhanced flexibility can also eliminate some of the signs of aging such as stiffness, and result in improved posture as well.

Ballet workouts result in better balance, which means that falls will be less likely. Those who regularly take part in ballet barre exercise can also experience a host of other benefits that can include:

A reduction in lower back pain
  • Improved self esteem
  • Weight loss
  • Increased levels of energy
  • Higher levels of endurance
  • Stress reduction
These workouts can also incorporate resistance bands, stability balls or free weights for even more intensity. For maximum effectiveness, you should plan on working out on the barre two to three times a week, alternating strength and flexibility training with cardiovascular exercise such as bicycling, running or brisk walking. In less than 30 minutes per day, you can look and feel better than you ever thought possible before. To find the right ballet barre for your workout regimen, contact us.

Thursday 5 December 2013

A Dance Barre Fit for a Princess

What little girl has not dreamed at one time of waking up to discover that she's really a princess? If we are honest, there's probably not a woman among us who would not admit to having fostered such fantasies while growing up. Hence the massive popularity of Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries, a book series which chronicles the adventures of hapless high school freshman Mia Thermopolis. Mia's discovery of her royal heritage and all of the responsibilities that go with it turn out to have a massive -- and hilarious -- impact on her life.

Whether born of literal royal blood or not, every little girl has a princess inside. Girls who dance feel this doubly so, and they long for others to recognize this fact and give them the royal treatment they deserve.

That's why the Boss Princess Barre would be the perfect addition to the bedroom, rec room, or dance studio of the little princess in your life. At a height of 37 inches and with an adjustable lower bar, this barre is perfect for home princess practice, either alone or with a royal court of friends!  And the ability to adjust that lower bar means it can grow with her, as well.

If you're seeking to honor a princess who lives far away, remember that we also offer gift certificates. Taking advantage of this unique gift-giving opportunity can ensure that your thoughtfulness will arrive in a timely manner (via e-mail) and still allow her royal court to assist her in choosing the dance barre that best suits her needs.  This time of year sees us usually running short of Princess Barres for holiday gifts, but we currently still have stock.

As a reminder, we encourage all West Coast orders to be in by Dec. 11, and all East Coast orders by Dec. 15 in order to have them arrive in time for the holidays.

For all of your ballet bar needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you!

Friday 29 November 2013

How to Find the Ballet Barre That is Right for You

For safety and for your own personal satisfaction, it's essential to have the proper ballet barre. Whether it is for your home or studio, you deserve equipment that best suits your needs. The 3 most important characteristics to keep in mind before purchasing a ballet barre:
The first thing you should look for is the type. Pro Barres utilize a larger tube and are designed for maximum strength and stability in a studio or school setting, used by multiple dancers. Another type is the Intermediate Barre. They have high strength and durability to use at home, at a competition or in the studio. Got a little ballerina at home? No problem! The Princess Barre will be a perfect size. Fortunately, Boss Ballet Barres can easily help you choose what type is best for you.
You need to be prepared with the correct size. If you are just practicing in your basement, you will want a smaller length barre. If you own a studio, a larger length barre is probably more efficient and has greater value.Ranging from 4 feet to 14 feet, www.balletbarresonline.com can provide you with the accurate size barre for your needs.  No need to try to adopt your space to a barre; there are enough choices to get the right barre for your space.


The ballet barre is only one piece of equipment. When purchasing ballet barre equipment, accessories are also essential. Dollies enable you to relocate your barre from different spaces, or even to a different venue. They are constructed to custom fit your ballet barre. Hex keys are also needed to tightened or loosen the bar perfectly.
Don't stress when looking for ballet barres.  Our website can help you determine your needs and how they can be best met with a variety of ballet barres and accessories. Boss Ballet Barres offers a selection of ballet barres and accessories for you. Contact us so we can help you create your ideal ballet space!

Friday 22 November 2013

Find the Time for Dance with Our Free-Standing Ballet Barres

These days, it seems we're working harder than we have in decades. While North Americans may not be working as hard as employees in certain areas of Asia, we do in fact have less national holidays, and in general, less days off than many of our European counterparts. Even lunch breaks and vacation days are becoming less and less common in the North American workplace. In fact, many employers are discouraging both lunch breaks and taking vacation days with peer pressure and the idea that a “dedicated worker” craving advancement is one who does not need time off, or have obligations outside of the workplace, causing many workers to feel pressured into giving up these times away from their jobs in order to advance their career.

Despite this, our knowledge of what it takes to stay healthy and live a long life, is growing. We all know that a healthy diet, preventive healthcare and plenty of exercise is the best way to be, and stay healthy. So, while our free time is being limited by more time in the workplace, our commitment to getting good exercise and staying fit hopefully remains intact.

Balancing both work and caring for your health doesn't always go hand in hand. More often that not, you might find that having the time to rush to the dance or fitness studio before, or after work, in order to run routines isn't always an option. Boss Ballet Barres understands the fine line we walk when trying to balance work with finding the time to dance and exercise, which is why our free-standing ballet barres are perfect for today's hectic schedule.

Now you can keep your work schedule and still find time to participate in the excellent exercise that dance provides. By having your own portable, free-standing ballet barre--you don't have to worry about getting to a location with a barre to complete your barre stretches, strength training, or exercises. You simply have to have the space to set up and dance!

Boss Ballet Barres creates high quality, easy to use and assemble ballet barres for all your free-standing ballet barre needs. Our Boss Barre Intermediate line offers a perfect choice for any dancer looking to move their ballet barre from venue to venue, making practicing at home, in studio, at school, or anywhere as easy as the set up. The 8ft Boss Barre Intermediate is not only one of our best selling free-standing barres, it is also ideal for those looking for an adaptable barre for use in many different places.

The 8ft Boss Barre Intermediate was specially designed to meet the needs of users ranging from beginner to professional, and everyone in between. It is so easy to set up, and take down that it only needs one tool (the Boss Hex Key) to do so. This barre is also constructed of high structural strength steel components, making it both versatile and durable enough to last for years to come, unlike some of the much weaker thin-wall aluminum barres available elsewhere.

Never let time, the stress of the work week, or a lack of days off, keep you from the exercise your body and mind needs to stay healthy and happy. If you love dance, like those of us at Boss Ballet Barres love dance--then you know that you can always find time to do what you love, and what make you feel good. With Boss Ballet Barres, we can make your dance practices and routines easier with our line of amazing ballet barres.

Contact us today to discuss all of our ballet barre choices, and let Boss Ballet Barres provide you with the finest quality in free-standing ballet barres.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Tap Into Success With a Workout Bar

For those who realize how athletically rigorous ballet actually is, it will come as no surprise that many professional athletes outside the dance world have appropriated techniques and workouts from the ballet world in order to improve in other areas.  We've mentioned this in our Blog before, but it bears repeating.

Even more successful athletes who credit ballet with a measure of their success:

  • Legendary bodybuilder, actor, and political figure Arnold Schwarzenegger took ballet lessons.
  • NBA legend Michael Jordan freely admits that his signature slam-dunk jump is actually a borrowed ballet move: "Everyone thought I did that by running and taking off. Actually, it was a ballet move where I jumped up and spread my legs." 
  • Just one among many in the NFL who use ballet to strengthen knees, ankles, and feet, Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Steve McLendon states emphatically that ballet is harder than anything he does.
  • Junior hockey champion Brooke McArdle has found that ballet moves have given her an increased flexibility that's helped her on the ice. 

With so much evidence pointing to how ballet can increase strength, agility, flexibility, and muscle tone, workout studios across the country would be remiss if they did not install at least one workout bar in order to incorporate ballet moves into their exercise regimens. 

No matter your fitness needs, we have a barre to suit the occasion. For MMA studios, yoga studios or fitness classes, we recommend our Boss Barre Pro series, our strongest and most durable barres that are still easy to move from room to room as needed. For home or individual use, we recommend the portable Boss Barre Intermediate series. And for homes with their own very young junior champions, we offer our compact Boss Princess Barre.

For more information on installing workout bars in your workout space or studio, please feel free to contact us.

Thursday 10 October 2013

Piloxing: The Latest Craze With the Ballet Barre

As you know from some of our earlier blogs, the ballet barre is not just for the sedate classes of your childhood memories anymore. Enter piloxing: a new fitness craze that has come or is coming soon to workout studios across the nation. Think a bit of boxing combined with pilates and dance. Think half pound gloves and balance exercises that involve a ballet barre.

According to several sources, including a recent report in the Richmond Times Dispatch, piloxing was created in California by a Swedish dancer and a celebrity trainer. Instructor trainings are now held around the world and piloxing classes are cropping up around the country. Classes are split between high intensity punches and kicks and the balance and core training found in Pilates and ballet.

Are you the owner of a studio or workout center, looking for a fun and healthy new class to offer your customers? Are you an individual looking for something to learn and practice at home? You'll need a ballet barre.  A Boss Ballet Barre.

The idea of Boss Ballet Barres came in much the same way as piloxing: by finding a creative use for an established, trusted product. With piloxing, a dancer and a trainer came together and asked why can't the benefits from three different disciplines be used together for one awesome workout? With Boss Ballet Barres, a dancer -- the Boss president's award-winning daughter, to be precise -- asked why the strong and trusted Boss steel product lines couldn't be used to make the strongest portable ballet barre available? The answer to both questions: they can! 

For more information on how to get the strongest, most durable ballet barres around, contact us.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Dance Barre Classes: Guys Do Them, Too

Dance barres are often used in ballet classes, and rightly or wrongly, that creates in some people the perception that barre fitness classes are intended for or only benefit women.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, a great many magazines, websites and fitness programs for men have recently discovered and written or spoken about the benefits of dance barre classes for men.

For example, Details magazine praised dance barre classes as a route for achieving the sort of body male models have -- a "rangy" and "athletic" physique that's quite popular right now, as opposed to a bulkier and more muscle-bound look that was in fashion a few years ago. The magazine quoted one barre class devotee, a male model himself, for working smaller muscle groups that he does not normally have the opportunity to focus on.

Dance barre routines can work the gluteals, hamstrings, back and obliques (the "Michelangelo muscles" that help make a desirable abdominal section). These are muscle groups that many men want to emphasize. That's in addition to other fitness benefits that dance barre classes can bestow, like flexibility and muscle responsiveness.

Given the popularity of other fitness regimes, like CrossFit and Insanity, it is fair to assume that dance barre classes are only on their way up and will become a staple of the fitness-conscious for years to come.

At Boss Ballet Barres, we sell the dance barres that many gyms and fitness studios use in their classes. Contact us today for more information. We can help you find the right product for your needs.

Thursday 12 September 2013

The Lotte Berk Method: How the Ballet Barre Became Fitness Studio Equipment

Many have reaped the benefits since the introduction of the ballet barre into fitness studio equipment fixtures. Fitness regimens that include work at the barre traditionally combine yoga and pilates along with traditional ballet exercises that shape and sculpt the body; and such studios have popped up all over the country. But where did the trend start? Answer: Lotte Berk.

Lotte Berk was a German dancer who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s. She and her husband, who were Jewish, settled in London where she continued to dance. Soon after, Berk suffered a severe spinal injury in a car accident. Determined to recover, she incorporated her dance training with her rehabilitation therapy. Berk developed a series of moves designed to strengthen muscles that had weakened without activity and to regain suppleness. Her dramatic improvement inspired her to teach the methods to others in recovery--first out of the basement of her home and later from her own studio in London.

An American named Lydia Bach fell in love with Berk's system. After training with Berk for a year, Bach bought the rights to Lotte Berk's name and technique and then opened a Lotte Berk Method studio in New York City in 1971. 

In the years since Lydia Bach brought the techniques to NYC, the original Lotte Berk Method has seen changes at the barre--most notably, incorporating yoga, sports science, and even other genres of dance (for example, Latin dance and belly dancing). In the 90s, Burr Leonard, and her husband, Carl Diehl, transformed Bach's version of the Lotte Berk Method again and franchised several Bar Method studios around the country. 

What started as one dancer's love of her craft and her desire to heal herself from injury developed into a widely lauded fitness regimen. The results are praised and flaunted by athletes, celebrities, and health enthusiasts. The ballet barre--particularly one that is portable and sturdy--provides versatility in an exercise program--easily and safely adapted into multiple genres of fitness and fun.

We know you'll enjoy your ballet barre, and so will your health and physique. It's important to choose the correct barre for your purposes. We can help. Contact us for more information.

Thursday 29 August 2013

You Saw WHO at the Dance Studio?

It is early morning in Ontario, Canada.  Outside the dance studio a few tight clad patrons trickle in and out the doors.   Then a blue, 15 passenger van pulls up to the doors and unloads a group of women in sweat pants and tank tops.  It's a team of swimmers from Synchro Swim Ontario, who, in lieu of a morning swim are hitting the ballet barres to build core stability, flexibility, balance (especially when upside down in a pool), mental focus and endurance through ballet exercise.  

They aren't the only recognizable athletes that have been seen frequenting the dance studio.  NHL goalie, Ray Emery, who suffered from a debilitating condition, faced a premature retirement from the sport he loved.  So he took up ballet.  In less than a year he was back on the ice.  This year he made NHL history by becoming the first goalie to ever start a season with 10 straight wins.  In April of this year, he won the William M. Jennings Trophy given to the goaltender that gave up the fewest goals in the season, along with teammate Corey Crawford and in September led his team to victory in the Stanley Cup finals by defeating the Boston Bruins.  

Who can forget the graceful leaps, turns and catches of Pittsburgh Wide Receiver Lynn Swann? The results of his ballet studio classes were evident on the football field and left us all as breathless as if we had attended the ballet.  Swann’s contemporary Herschel Walker, known more for leaving permanent shoulder pad imprints in the chests of those who tried to oppose him than for his grace and beauty, also was a ballet student.  Both took ballet as part of their strength and cardio regimen.

Others who have seen at the ballet barre:

  • Willie Gault, former NFL Superbowl victor and Olympian was considered one of the fastest players in the NFL.
  • Evander Holyfield used ballet exercise to increase his flexibility which he felt leveled the boxing ring when fighting a taller, heavier competitor.  Who’s going to argue with that?
  • South African bantamweight boxer Arnold Taylor, who finished his boxing career with 41 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw and 17 wins by knockout, was also a ballet student. 

It is no secret that athletes are always looking for ways to build strength, flexibility, balance and physical stability and the flexibility that ballet barre exercise provides for adaptation makes it a win, no matter what sport you are training for.

No matter what your size, gender, hobby or occupation, ballet exercise is just plain good for you and we have a barre that will meet all of your training needs.   Contact us today for quality barres.

Thursday 15 August 2013

Celebrity Inspiration to Step Up to the Barre

If the refined bodies of professional dancers haven’t convinced you to do a ballet barre workout, maybe high praise from some well-toned celebrities will do the trick. “Women have long coveted sinewy arms, high and tight derrières, lean legs and a regal posture,” the New York Times writes. “Now, in search of this shape, many of them are ditching yoga and Pilates and lining up at the ballet barre.”

Women like Drew Barrymore, who says The Bar Method “just knocks your butt off,” or Kelly Osbourne who gushes, “It’s incredible to start getting muscles in places on my body that I never knew I could get...I really do love my body now.”

Madonna, known for her biceps as well as performing talents, does another barre-related workout called barre3, which combines yoga, Pilates, and ballet barre. Kelly Ripa does Physique 57, a combination of barre work and ballet choreography with Pilates-style poses and isometrics. Kelly raves that the classes have "transformed my body in ways I never thought possible. I'm a short person, but I'm becoming longer and leaner. The class works your glutes, your abs, and your obliques. It's all about building muscle, then stretching it out."

While it may seem like a ladies trend, guys can of course transform their bodies with barre workouts as well, like actor Ryan Gosling, who has reportedly taken ballet classes to complement his other workouts, and Mike Piazza, a retired Major League Baseball catcher who trained with the Miami City Ballet.

With a portable Boss Ballet Barre, you can do these raved-about routines in the privacy of your own home without having to commute or adhere to a gym’s schedule. Plus, you’ll save money paying for class or membership fees. Bring the gym to you, and watch in awe as your arms start to look a bit more like Madonna’s or Mr. Gosling's.

(Contact us)

Friday 2 August 2013

The Ballet Barre is Not Just For Ballet

It seems that ballet barre exercise is not just for the young and fit anymore.  The exercises so frequently associated with ballet are finally being recognized as an option for people of all ages, including those who may not be participating in the spring dance recital-senior citizens.

Barre exercise classes for seniors are filling up all over the country as instructors recognize the benefits for those who may not be willing to try Pilates or Yoga and who like the idea of having an exercise support for balance and reference.
Pilates works smaller muscles that realign and stabilize the core, while barre exercise is a more comprehensive muscle workout.  It uses body weight to isolate muscles.  Yoga focuses on the spiritual, physical, and mental but the main interest of most seniors is strengthening and stretching to provide power, grace and stamina overall.  They also benefit from the low impact exercise that is easy on the joints because it doesn’t involve any jumping or bouncing.
Why are so many seniors choosing this form of exercise?  Many took ballet as children so stepping back into the studio atmosphere brings back fond memories of childhood friendships and the thrill of dance recitals.  Others  wished they had taken ballet as children and are thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue a dream, even if on a slightly smaller scale.  Still others do it simply for the camaraderie, but all do it because it is a simple and complete form of exercise that will keep them healthy, alert, and moving.
Barre exercise has much to offer to the senior looking to develop or maintain balance, muscle strength and confidence.  Balance and strength are a constant concern as the loss of either is a major reason why many are forced out of their homes and into a supervised living environment.  The improved circulation also helps in the maintenance of mental alertness.  It's a simple, effective form of exercise that does not involve a lot of costly, space eating equipment.  It can be done with a large or small group.  It is simple but challenging enough to increase circulation and strengthen muscle without causing joint pain.  It's just a great option for those seniors who believe that you're as young as you feel and for those who just want to feel a little bit younger.

For information on where to purchase a ballet barre, contact us today. 

Thursday 18 July 2013

Why Every Martial Artist Needs a Ballet Barre

Is your child enrolled in a Martial Arts program? Does he or she try to bring up those leg kicks like the great Martial Arts stars demonstrate in their movies?  Do you dream of being able to do these high-flying kicks?

Most instructors stress the point that a good martial artist has to do a lot of weight training to build up the muscle mass.  The more muscle the stronger the impact of the kick or punch.

But what about the height of the kick?  The flow of the kick?  Those legs don’t get up there just naturally.  The traditional way in Martial Arts is to start training with a good thorough stretching session.  This is the best way to avoid injuries like pulled muscles, or even a torn muscle.  However it improves the height of the kicks only slowly, and after a certain point the progress will stall.

There are a lot of unwritten rules in Martial Arts - and then there is ingenuity.  Nothing prevents you from being inventive in finding new ways to improve your performance.  Remember a martial artist is like a bamboo, flexible but strong.

There is a great way to improve your flexibility.  The ballet barre. Well, a true martial artist might relate this name to tutus, pink ballet slippers, and classical music.  You should, however, try to think outside of the box.

Some simple stretching exercises on the – let’s call it “High Kick Barre” for this article - will help you gain the inches needed to feel good, look good, and above all perform like a pro.  The “High Kick Barres” sold by Boss are very sturdy, durable, well balanced, and support those muscle toned legs of yours, or your child.  The company Boss Steel is actually a leader in the steel industry for making many different products, including corner guards.  It stands behind its products whether they are corner guards, ballet barres, or “High Kick Barres”.

The barre is easy to set-up and take down, does not take much room to store, and in a studio it can even be used to divide the room. So if you dream of performing these high flying kicks remember there is a remedy, the Ballet Barre a.k.a. “High Kick Barre” by Boss Ballet Barres
For more information contact us via e-mail or call us at 1-888-301-6403.

Thursday 11 July 2013

The Ballet Barre - No Longer "Just a Chick Thing"

What do you think of when you think of a ballet barre?  Most likely you picture skinny, fit women in pink tights or tutus with their feet in an awkward position as they bend and wave, bend and wave.  Women have sworn by this form of exercise for years, but when men were invited to join they mostly replied with "That's just a chick thing."  Well, hold on gentlemen because men are now starting to realize the benefits of barre exercise. 

For example, take the case of Ben Winslow - graduate of the infantry officer school, a lieutenant in the army, a successful lawyer, biker, swimmer, runner, golfer, endurance trainer, and an "Escape from Alcatraz" triathlete.  At age 68, Ben swears by the Barre Method of exercise.  At the prodding of some female co-workers, Ben decided to prove he was open minded and attended.  He's never stopped and has involved his wife in the classes as well.  Here’s what Ben said about what it’s like to be a male student at the Bar Method. 

What man wouldn't want to get a great workout that puts your muscles to the test, increases strength and agility, and improves coordination?  As with any workout, it's really true that you get out of it what you put into it.  Although this form of exercise was originated by a dancer, it was later modified to be used in physical therapy as a way to rehabilitate muscle without putting strain on the joints.  Through the years, it has proven to be an convincing form of exercise for those serious about physical fitness.

Gentlemen, the door to a new form of effective exercise has opened to you!  Will you walk through it? 

For more information on our ballet barres, contact us today!

Thursday 27 June 2013

Ballet Barres are for the Young and the Young at Heart

While most people think of ballet lessons as being something for children, the fact is that they can be beneficial to people of all ages. That’s especially true of senior citizens, as offering lessons to those over 55 has been shown to have a number of benefits for people in this age group.

Dance instructor Alice Korsick began offering ballet lessons to residents of Sun City West, a retirement community near Phoenix, Arizona, a few years back. Upon doing so, she found her senior students responded well to their training, even when they had no previous dance experience. Many of them practiced completely on ballet barres at first until they were agile enough to take to the floor.

After having a positive response at Sun City West, Korsick then expanded her dance lessons to another retirement community, Sun City Grand. She had a positive response to her classes there as well. As a result, these seniors now produce several variety shows each year, many of them geared toward charitable organizations. Her students also perform a full-fledged musical at least annually.

Senior ballet classes in China have produced similar results.  A senior citizen’s dance studio in Tianjin has trained several students who were more than 60 years of age.  One of the students there claims that ballet has helped her become more agile and less prone to falling than she was before. Others have remarked that they have increased stamina and a more positive outlook on life after taking dance lessons.

Programs such as those in China and Arizona serve to prove that one is never too old to consider learning the art of ballet. Senior citizens could benefit from portable ballet barres to help them stay in peak condition no matter where they are. Boss Ballet Barres also has plenty of accessories to choose from as well. Contact us to find out more about the products we carry.

Friday 14 June 2013

A Ballet Barre is a Fitness Studio Necessity

Fitness trends come and go. There are pole-dancing classes, Zumba classes, Jazzercise workouts...the list goes on. One fitness trend that seems to be here to stay is the ballet workout. Ballet dancers have lean, fit bodies that are strong but not bulky. In this article from the New York Times, author Kayleen Schaefer notes that in ballet barre workouts,

"...women focus on four body parts — arms, abdomen, gluteal muscles and thighs — with highly targeted, small movements designed to tone muscles without adding mass."

Celebrities and professional dancers alike do ballet workouts. Natalie Portman, for instance, whipped into shape for her role in "Black Swan" with private ballet barre workouts.

If your fitness studio does not currently offer ballet barre workouts, maybe they should. The beautiful, lean muscle tone of a dancer is best achieved through barre workouts. Pilates and yoga are great for toning, too, but the motions of a barre workout are subtly different. Movements are much smaller and more controlled. Again, according to the New York Times:

“Go down an inch, up an inch,” is an often heard command."

Because such precise discipline is necessary for a ballet workout, a sturdy and well-made ballet barre is absolutely necessary for support and balance. This kind of workout is very physically intense, but it is also very mentally challenging. Keeping tiny movements tight and controlled takes its toll, which is all the more reason to make sure your barre is the best.

Boss Ballet Barres can provide the barre you need in your fitness studio for the fitness trend that has the staying power of beautiful ballet.

Please contact us to update your fitness studio with a high-quality ballet barre today.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Kids Benefit from a Home Ballet Barre

Having a ballet barre at home can help your aspiring dancer to set and reach new goals. Doing home ballet barre exercises can help her to protect herself from injury, as well. Whether you are a dancer yourself or not, bringing ballet into your home will be beneficial to you and your child.

Little girls are attracted to ballet because the dancers look like magical fairies or princesses on stage. Parents know that it's only a matter of time from the first time she sees The Nutcracker until their daughter asks the inevitable question: Can I take ballet lessons?

When weighing the decision, you should keep in mind that ballet dancing comes with some strong benefits, and having a ballet barre at home can enhance those benefits further.

1. Self Confidence. Little girls who take dance are more confident in their bodies and abilities as they grow up, especially when their parents are involved.

2. Physical Health. Dancing keeps muscles and joints strong. It also releases healthy endorphins and other chemicals which promote healing and growth.

3. Mental Health. Life is tough, even for your little one. Between school, friends and just plain growing up, even kids need a healthy stress release. The combination of healthy physical movement and mental focus provides the perfect avenue for your child's mental well-being.

4. Focus. Doing activities outside of school, such as dance, helps kids to focus in the classroom. The discipline of dance doesn't just stay in the studio, it affects everything your child puts her mind to.

All the benefits of dance are even stronger if you, the parent, stays involved. Your child is more likely to stick with her dancing if you have a home ballet barre, even if she only does a few minutes of barre exercises a day. Encourage her to do them and set up a schedule for them. Even if you are not a dancer, your encouragement will make all the difference in the world. 

Please contact us to find out more about quality ballet barres for your home from Boss Ballet Barres.

Friday 17 May 2013

Free Standing Ballet Barres, a Ballet Dancer's Best Friend

"Learning to walk sets you free. Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all: to express with your whole self the person you are." -Melissa Hayden

Before a dancer can perform with the freedom described above, there are years of careful training at the barre. The ballet barre is an essential tool for any dancer, for the youngest novice to the seasoned professional. Professional dancers will often bring their own free standing ballet barres to warm up with when they tour. This helps them to keep their bodies limber and keep their routine.

The ballet barre is meant to act as a support for dancers. It is not meant to carry weight. The barre should be adjusted to the correct level so that a dancer's hand can rest comfortably on it. It helps to think of gripping a barre the way you would hold the hand of a friend. Lightly, in other words. This is especially true of a free standing ballet barre. In keeping a light grip on the barre, you will develop your own strength and balance.

The ballet barre has now moved beyond the confines of dance studios. Many fitness routines are now incorporating dance moves as part of their workouts. Dance moves help to maintain balance and flexibility. They also help to create overall muscle tone. A
free standing ballet barre is a perfect accessory to dance inspired workouts! We carry several styles of freestanding ballet barres. Many styles are just right for a home workout space.

Some are small and light, perfect for young dancers and fitness enthusiasts. There are also larger, more solid options for everyday use. Finally, there are large, professional scale options that can accommodate several dancers at once. All of these options means that there is a
free standing ballet barre to meet every need.

When used properly, a portable ballet barre makes the perfect dance or exercise partner. We carry several styles and sizes.
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Thursday 9 May 2013

The Importance of Repetitive Exercises with Dance Barres

You've read a lot in our blog about the quality of dance barres at Boss Ballet Barres, about reasons for dancers to purchase an at-home ballet barre, and about various uses for portable ballet barres. If you are a beginning dancer, you have noticed that every dance class starts with barre exercises--often, the same exercises over and over. You might wonder: What is the point? Why should I do the same exercises at dance barres during every session in the studio?

There are some very good, scientific reasons for doing repetitive exercises at your studio's dance barres.

  • Repetitive movements train muscle fibers. The more you diligently perform your barre exercises, the more your muscles will actually change their physiology to better perform the graceful motions of dance. In a nutshell, you will actually change your structure to be a better dancer with repetitive barre exercises.
  • Dance barre exercises will help you strengthen the connection between your nervous system and your muscles. You need brain signals to communicate with your body in order to perform dance moves. The repetition of barre exercises sets up an effective auto-pilot. If you are a beginner, each movement you make is conscious, and might feel awkward at first. By the time you are featured in Swan Lake, all your basic moves will be as natural as breathing, all because of the time you logged at dance barres.
  • Putting in time at dance barres puts you in the right frame of mind. It is just as important--maybe more important--for dancers to warm up body and mind before training as it is for runners and other athletes. Getting your head in the game and limbering up your body prepares you for a more effective class, and protects you from strains and sprains. Think of it this way: spend extra time at the barre and you'll avoid wasting time on half-hearted practices or, worse, recovering from an injury.

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Thursday 2 May 2013

Who Needs a Portable Ballet Barre?

Perhaps you have considered buying a ballet barre for your home or business. There are lots of great reasons to have your own ballet barre, including being able to exercise or rehearse on your own schedule. Boss Ballet Barres can help. For some dancers and instructors, a permanent barre is not an option. Boss Ballet Barres can help you, too. For you, a portable ballet barre could be a great choice. Here are some people who may want to look into the freedom of not being bolted down:

  • Dancers who rent their home. Most landlords frown upon the installation of furniture and accessories, including a ballet barre, when it means their property could be marred. Setting up a sturdy, well-crafted portable ballet barre is the perfect compromise: no damage to the digs, and you can take your barre with you wherever life takes you.
  • Instructors who rent their studios, or who have a transient space. If you teach dance in a school gym, or at a summer camp, sometimes the space is a bit, well, lacking in amenities. The portable ballet barre is a great solution for this situation. Plus, you might become more marketable as a traveling instructor: Have barre, will travel!
  • Dancers and instructors who want to give demonstrations outside the studio. Street festivals and public parks are great places to promote the arts, and your studio in particular.
  • Those who might want to set up a class, or just rehearse, in the great outdoors. Lots of people are doing it. Yoga, cross-fit, walking and jogging...why not dance? What better way to connect your passion and your world than to bring your portable barre outside and absorb nature while you dance.

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Thursday 25 April 2013

Major League Baseball Player Debuts the Fruits of His Ballet Barre Workout

Mike Piazza, a retired Major League Baseball catcher, is performing with the Miami City Ballet on May 3rd, playing the role of the gangster in “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue,” the Associated Press reports.

He admits that he might have to fend off some "good-natured insults" but says that "the bottom line is to draw attention to the show, to the arts, the art of ballet and dancing in general." 

Piazza is a glowing example of the wide range of individuals who can make excellent use of Boss Ballet Barres in their fitness or training routines. With the option to choose from a variety of lengths and constructions, these barres are the ideal choice for the consumer who’s looking for a portable, durable, and expertly-crafted barre for their home or studio. Surely Piazza would have benefited from having his own Boss Ballet Barre at home as he prepares for his upcoming performance!

Philip Neal, who is staging the Miami City Ballet production, is delighted that athletes like Piazza are showcasing the athleticism and discipline of dance, the AP reports. With a Boss Ballet Barre at your home, you might even be able to get your own husband, dad, or brother to join in on your workouts! 

Furthermore, if you've taken ballet or a barre workout class, you know these sessions can add up to be an expensive routine. Bringing the workout back home can save you time and money. Browse our selection now and enjoy the freedom of training wherever you please.

Thursday 11 April 2013

Ballet Barre for Your Home Fitness Studio

Ballet is an excellent way to get lean and muscular. Over the years it has gained in popularity in the sports and fitness world. For example, pro football players use it to improve flexibility. Leading magazines, like Women's Health, publish exercises you can do at home--including ballet moves:

"The secret to scoring a dancer's trim and toned shape is to work your muscles less than you're used to. Yep, you read that right. Dancers practice concentrated movements that function as deep sculpting tools to create long, lean muscles."

You can go to your local dance studio to practice your moves. For some people, though, having your own at-home fitness studio makes more sense. For those who live too far from the nearest studio, or whose work schedule clashes with class schedules, working out at home is best.

One possible downside to working out at home can be the lack of an instructor and specific equipment. Ok, that's two possible downsides. While we can't help you with a personal trainer to perfect your moves, we can provide one piece of quality equipment for your home fitness studio. A typical collection of workout accessories might include mats, hand weights, and music. A solid, professional ballet barre is essential to any good ballet workout.

If the practiced, fluid moves of a ballet routine already have a place in your heart and home, then you know how important a quality barre is. Having one is essential to maintaining proper positioning and balance, as well as safety.

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Thursday 28 March 2013

Portable Ballet Barres to Fit Any Routine

From The Nutcracker to Black Swan, ballet has regained popularity at break-neck speeds over the past decade. Natalie Portman used barre exercises to gain those strong, but slender, limbs that we saw waving across the theater screen, Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr follows a ballet inspired fitness regime, and, of course, young students still flock to schools and competitions, inspired by their first viewing of Swan Lake. In 2013, demand for ballet varies in size almost as much as our portable ballet barres.

From home practice, to light strength and flexibility training, to professional dance studios, portable barres provide stability and strength as well as flexibility. Heavy tubing keeps them from shifting during practice, but they remain portable enough be moved between rooms, venues, or even to competition. Intermediate barres range from 4 to 8 feet and are portable enough for a home fitness center, but their high-strength steel makes them durable enough for studios. Professional barres run as large as 14 feet, are made from larger tubes and are perfect for multiple dancers in a school setting. For the young student, the 4 foot Princess Barre is shorter and comes in an appealing pink. It can be placed easily in a bedroom for extra practice or play with friends. 

Whether you are looking for a way to spice up your regular routine or training for a show, fitness professionals have found that including ballet in a regular workout schedule improves flexibility, strength and tone.  While not everyone has access to a dance studio, portable barres are affordable and fit easily into a classroom, studio or home fitness center. For more information, please visit our website.