Friday 29 November 2013

How to Find the Ballet Barre That is Right for You

For safety and for your own personal satisfaction, it's essential to have the proper ballet barre. Whether it is for your home or studio, you deserve equipment that best suits your needs. The 3 most important characteristics to keep in mind before purchasing a ballet barre:
The first thing you should look for is the type. Pro Barres utilize a larger tube and are designed for maximum strength and stability in a studio or school setting, used by multiple dancers. Another type is the Intermediate Barre. They have high strength and durability to use at home, at a competition or in the studio. Got a little ballerina at home? No problem! The Princess Barre will be a perfect size. Fortunately, Boss Ballet Barres can easily help you choose what type is best for you.
You need to be prepared with the correct size. If you are just practicing in your basement, you will want a smaller length barre. If you own a studio, a larger length barre is probably more efficient and has greater value.Ranging from 4 feet to 14 feet, can provide you with the accurate size barre for your needs.  No need to try to adopt your space to a barre; there are enough choices to get the right barre for your space.


The ballet barre is only one piece of equipment. When purchasing ballet barre equipment, accessories are also essential. Dollies enable you to relocate your barre from different spaces, or even to a different venue. They are constructed to custom fit your ballet barre. Hex keys are also needed to tightened or loosen the bar perfectly.
Don't stress when looking for ballet barres.  Our website can help you determine your needs and how they can be best met with a variety of ballet barres and accessories. Boss Ballet Barres offers a selection of ballet barres and accessories for you. Contact us so we can help you create your ideal ballet space!

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