Thursday 27 June 2013

Ballet Barres are for the Young and the Young at Heart

While most people think of ballet lessons as being something for children, the fact is that they can be beneficial to people of all ages. That’s especially true of senior citizens, as offering lessons to those over 55 has been shown to have a number of benefits for people in this age group.

Dance instructor Alice Korsick began offering ballet lessons to residents of Sun City West, a retirement community near Phoenix, Arizona, a few years back. Upon doing so, she found her senior students responded well to their training, even when they had no previous dance experience. Many of them practiced completely on ballet barres at first until they were agile enough to take to the floor.

After having a positive response at Sun City West, Korsick then expanded her dance lessons to another retirement community, Sun City Grand. She had a positive response to her classes there as well. As a result, these seniors now produce several variety shows each year, many of them geared toward charitable organizations. Her students also perform a full-fledged musical at least annually.

Senior ballet classes in China have produced similar results.  A senior citizen’s dance studio in Tianjin has trained several students who were more than 60 years of age.  One of the students there claims that ballet has helped her become more agile and less prone to falling than she was before. Others have remarked that they have increased stamina and a more positive outlook on life after taking dance lessons.

Programs such as those in China and Arizona serve to prove that one is never too old to consider learning the art of ballet. Senior citizens could benefit from portable ballet barres to help them stay in peak condition no matter where they are. Boss Ballet Barres also has plenty of accessories to choose from as well. Contact us to find out more about the products we carry.

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