Friday 27 June 2014

Barre Fitness Classes: Get The Right Ballet Barre For The Job

There was a time, not long ago, when ballet barres were only found in ballet studio and had to withstand only the weight of very svelte dancers.

With the popularity of ballet barre classes, that has all changed.

Barre classes are one of the hottest fitness trends on the market right now. Because they promote strength, agility and flexibility all while provide an excellent cardiovascular exercise that's out of the ordinary, they're enjoyed by men and women of all fitness types and abilities.

That means instead of elfin dancers, ballet barres now have to be able to support 200-lb+ men, too. Ballet barre classes also use ballet barres in a way that's similar, but not the same, to the way that they are used in dance instruction. All of this means that, for a ballet barre class, not just any ballet barre will do.

If you own a fitness studio and you are thinking about launching a ballet barre class, be sure to check out Boss Ballet Barres. We've been in business for a long time, so we know ballet barres like nobody else. We can make sure that you're properly equipped to take advantage of this popular fitness trend. We will listen to what you want to do, and we will make recommendations based on your needs and desires -- we can do that within your budget, too. That's the advantage of working with the first, last and premiere name in the business.

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Wednesday 11 June 2014

In Ballet, Quality Matters

When the time comes to upgrade dance studio equipment, quality is important. Quality ballet technique requires hours and hours of training at the barre.  In that technical training, every pique and plie is executed with careful precision. Conscientious consideration should be taken before a purchasing decision is made in ballet equipment.

Boss Ballet Barres were designed with dancers in mind. There is fierce training behind beautiful dance performances.  Dancers need to know the equipment they use can withstand the hours of rehearsal.  They need to know their equipment is built to last and has a design that can meet their unique needs.

Made from steel, Boss Ballet Barres will not splinter or collect and absorb bacteria like wooden barres still seen in some studios.  They are free-standing, which is something important to consider when adding new equipment to your studio.  Free-standing barres allow better visibility for the instructor and for the student. It also allows the dancers to move them when they are ready to work across the floor or at center.  Thanks to the Boss Barre Dolly, these free-standing ballet barres are easily portable.

Because of their wide-stance leg system, they are fitted with maximum stability to keep dancers safe while training.  The barre is a powerful training tool for ballet dancers. Safety and stability are vitally important in choosing any type dance studio equipment.

Everything dancers do requires quality and attention to detail.  Whether it's the careful tying of their pointe shoe or improving their channe, they are constantly working toward perfection.  It's important to know they have quality dance studio equipment to help them reach their goals.

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