Thursday 30 May 2013

Kids Benefit from a Home Ballet Barre

Having a ballet barre at home can help your aspiring dancer to set and reach new goals. Doing home ballet barre exercises can help her to protect herself from injury, as well. Whether you are a dancer yourself or not, bringing ballet into your home will be beneficial to you and your child.

Little girls are attracted to ballet because the dancers look like magical fairies or princesses on stage. Parents know that it's only a matter of time from the first time she sees The Nutcracker until their daughter asks the inevitable question: Can I take ballet lessons?

When weighing the decision, you should keep in mind that ballet dancing comes with some strong benefits, and having a ballet barre at home can enhance those benefits further.

1. Self Confidence. Little girls who take dance are more confident in their bodies and abilities as they grow up, especially when their parents are involved.

2. Physical Health. Dancing keeps muscles and joints strong. It also releases healthy endorphins and other chemicals which promote healing and growth.

3. Mental Health. Life is tough, even for your little one. Between school, friends and just plain growing up, even kids need a healthy stress release. The combination of healthy physical movement and mental focus provides the perfect avenue for your child's mental well-being.

4. Focus. Doing activities outside of school, such as dance, helps kids to focus in the classroom. The discipline of dance doesn't just stay in the studio, it affects everything your child puts her mind to.

All the benefits of dance are even stronger if you, the parent, stays involved. Your child is more likely to stick with her dancing if you have a home ballet barre, even if she only does a few minutes of barre exercises a day. Encourage her to do them and set up a schedule for them. Even if you are not a dancer, your encouragement will make all the difference in the world. 

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