Friday 17 May 2013

Free Standing Ballet Barres, a Ballet Dancer's Best Friend

"Learning to walk sets you free. Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all: to express with your whole self the person you are." -Melissa Hayden

Before a dancer can perform with the freedom described above, there are years of careful training at the barre. The ballet barre is an essential tool for any dancer, for the youngest novice to the seasoned professional. Professional dancers will often bring their own free standing ballet barres to warm up with when they tour. This helps them to keep their bodies limber and keep their routine.

The ballet barre is meant to act as a support for dancers. It is not meant to carry weight. The barre should be adjusted to the correct level so that a dancer's hand can rest comfortably on it. It helps to think of gripping a barre the way you would hold the hand of a friend. Lightly, in other words. This is especially true of a free standing ballet barre. In keeping a light grip on the barre, you will develop your own strength and balance.

The ballet barre has now moved beyond the confines of dance studios. Many fitness routines are now incorporating dance moves as part of their workouts. Dance moves help to maintain balance and flexibility. They also help to create overall muscle tone. A
free standing ballet barre is a perfect accessory to dance inspired workouts! We carry several styles of freestanding ballet barres. Many styles are just right for a home workout space.

Some are small and light, perfect for young dancers and fitness enthusiasts. There are also larger, more solid options for everyday use. Finally, there are large, professional scale options that can accommodate several dancers at once. All of these options means that there is a
free standing ballet barre to meet every need.

When used properly, a portable ballet barre makes the perfect dance or exercise partner. We carry several styles and sizes.
Contact us today to find out which portable ballet barre is right for your needs.

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