Thursday 11 July 2013

The Ballet Barre - No Longer "Just a Chick Thing"

What do you think of when you think of a ballet barre?  Most likely you picture skinny, fit women in pink tights or tutus with their feet in an awkward position as they bend and wave, bend and wave.  Women have sworn by this form of exercise for years, but when men were invited to join they mostly replied with "That's just a chick thing."  Well, hold on gentlemen because men are now starting to realize the benefits of barre exercise. 

For example, take the case of Ben Winslow - graduate of the infantry officer school, a lieutenant in the army, a successful lawyer, biker, swimmer, runner, golfer, endurance trainer, and an "Escape from Alcatraz" triathlete.  At age 68, Ben swears by the Barre Method of exercise.  At the prodding of some female co-workers, Ben decided to prove he was open minded and attended.  He's never stopped and has involved his wife in the classes as well.  Here’s what Ben said about what it’s like to be a male student at the Bar Method. 

What man wouldn't want to get a great workout that puts your muscles to the test, increases strength and agility, and improves coordination?  As with any workout, it's really true that you get out of it what you put into it.  Although this form of exercise was originated by a dancer, it was later modified to be used in physical therapy as a way to rehabilitate muscle without putting strain on the joints.  Through the years, it has proven to be an convincing form of exercise for those serious about physical fitness.

Gentlemen, the door to a new form of effective exercise has opened to you!  Will you walk through it? 

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