Thursday 9 May 2013

The Importance of Repetitive Exercises with Dance Barres

You've read a lot in our blog about the quality of dance barres at Boss Ballet Barres, about reasons for dancers to purchase an at-home ballet barre, and about various uses for portable ballet barres. If you are a beginning dancer, you have noticed that every dance class starts with barre exercises--often, the same exercises over and over. You might wonder: What is the point? Why should I do the same exercises at dance barres during every session in the studio?

There are some very good, scientific reasons for doing repetitive exercises at your studio's dance barres.

  • Repetitive movements train muscle fibers. The more you diligently perform your barre exercises, the more your muscles will actually change their physiology to better perform the graceful motions of dance. In a nutshell, you will actually change your structure to be a better dancer with repetitive barre exercises.
  • Dance barre exercises will help you strengthen the connection between your nervous system and your muscles. You need brain signals to communicate with your body in order to perform dance moves. The repetition of barre exercises sets up an effective auto-pilot. If you are a beginner, each movement you make is conscious, and might feel awkward at first. By the time you are featured in Swan Lake, all your basic moves will be as natural as breathing, all because of the time you logged at dance barres.
  • Putting in time at dance barres puts you in the right frame of mind. It is just as important--maybe more important--for dancers to warm up body and mind before training as it is for runners and other athletes. Getting your head in the game and limbering up your body prepares you for a more effective class, and protects you from strains and sprains. Think of it this way: spend extra time at the barre and you'll avoid wasting time on half-hearted practices or, worse, recovering from an injury.

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