Thursday 10 October 2013

Piloxing: The Latest Craze With the Ballet Barre

As you know from some of our earlier blogs, the ballet barre is not just for the sedate classes of your childhood memories anymore. Enter piloxing: a new fitness craze that has come or is coming soon to workout studios across the nation. Think a bit of boxing combined with pilates and dance. Think half pound gloves and balance exercises that involve a ballet barre.

According to several sources, including a recent report in the Richmond Times Dispatch, piloxing was created in California by a Swedish dancer and a celebrity trainer. Instructor trainings are now held around the world and piloxing classes are cropping up around the country. Classes are split between high intensity punches and kicks and the balance and core training found in Pilates and ballet.

Are you the owner of a studio or workout center, looking for a fun and healthy new class to offer your customers? Are you an individual looking for something to learn and practice at home? You'll need a ballet barre.  A Boss Ballet Barre.

The idea of Boss Ballet Barres came in much the same way as piloxing: by finding a creative use for an established, trusted product. With piloxing, a dancer and a trainer came together and asked why can't the benefits from three different disciplines be used together for one awesome workout? With Boss Ballet Barres, a dancer -- the Boss president's award-winning daughter, to be precise -- asked why the strong and trusted Boss steel product lines couldn't be used to make the strongest portable ballet barre available? The answer to both questions: they can! 

For more information on how to get the strongest, most durable ballet barres around, contact us.

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