Friday 2 August 2013

The Ballet Barre is Not Just For Ballet

It seems that ballet barre exercise is not just for the young and fit anymore.  The exercises so frequently associated with ballet are finally being recognized as an option for people of all ages, including those who may not be participating in the spring dance recital-senior citizens.

Barre exercise classes for seniors are filling up all over the country as instructors recognize the benefits for those who may not be willing to try Pilates or Yoga and who like the idea of having an exercise support for balance and reference.
Pilates works smaller muscles that realign and stabilize the core, while barre exercise is a more comprehensive muscle workout.  It uses body weight to isolate muscles.  Yoga focuses on the spiritual, physical, and mental but the main interest of most seniors is strengthening and stretching to provide power, grace and stamina overall.  They also benefit from the low impact exercise that is easy on the joints because it doesn’t involve any jumping or bouncing.
Why are so many seniors choosing this form of exercise?  Many took ballet as children so stepping back into the studio atmosphere brings back fond memories of childhood friendships and the thrill of dance recitals.  Others  wished they had taken ballet as children and are thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue a dream, even if on a slightly smaller scale.  Still others do it simply for the camaraderie, but all do it because it is a simple and complete form of exercise that will keep them healthy, alert, and moving.
Barre exercise has much to offer to the senior looking to develop or maintain balance, muscle strength and confidence.  Balance and strength are a constant concern as the loss of either is a major reason why many are forced out of their homes and into a supervised living environment.  The improved circulation also helps in the maintenance of mental alertness.  It's a simple, effective form of exercise that does not involve a lot of costly, space eating equipment.  It can be done with a large or small group.  It is simple but challenging enough to increase circulation and strengthen muscle without causing joint pain.  It's just a great option for those seniors who believe that you're as young as you feel and for those who just want to feel a little bit younger.

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  1. We just purchased a fabulous new pink 8 foot ballet barre from Boss. It is incredibly how helpful everyone was there. We are thrilled with the process and the final product. I have to add that it was super easy to put together. What a great experience dealing with these people - we will be purchasing another barre soon!