Thursday 26 September 2013

Dance Barre Classes: Guys Do Them, Too

Dance barres are often used in ballet classes, and rightly or wrongly, that creates in some people the perception that barre fitness classes are intended for or only benefit women.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, a great many magazines, websites and fitness programs for men have recently discovered and written or spoken about the benefits of dance barre classes for men.

For example, Details magazine praised dance barre classes as a route for achieving the sort of body male models have -- a "rangy" and "athletic" physique that's quite popular right now, as opposed to a bulkier and more muscle-bound look that was in fashion a few years ago. The magazine quoted one barre class devotee, a male model himself, for working smaller muscle groups that he does not normally have the opportunity to focus on.

Dance barre routines can work the gluteals, hamstrings, back and obliques (the "Michelangelo muscles" that help make a desirable abdominal section). These are muscle groups that many men want to emphasize. That's in addition to other fitness benefits that dance barre classes can bestow, like flexibility and muscle responsiveness.

Given the popularity of other fitness regimes, like CrossFit and Insanity, it is fair to assume that dance barre classes are only on their way up and will become a staple of the fitness-conscious for years to come.

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