Friday 22 November 2013

Find the Time for Dance with Our Free-Standing Ballet Barres

These days, it seems we're working harder than we have in decades. While North Americans may not be working as hard as employees in certain areas of Asia, we do in fact have less national holidays, and in general, less days off than many of our European counterparts. Even lunch breaks and vacation days are becoming less and less common in the North American workplace. In fact, many employers are discouraging both lunch breaks and taking vacation days with peer pressure and the idea that a “dedicated worker” craving advancement is one who does not need time off, or have obligations outside of the workplace, causing many workers to feel pressured into giving up these times away from their jobs in order to advance their career.

Despite this, our knowledge of what it takes to stay healthy and live a long life, is growing. We all know that a healthy diet, preventive healthcare and plenty of exercise is the best way to be, and stay healthy. So, while our free time is being limited by more time in the workplace, our commitment to getting good exercise and staying fit hopefully remains intact.

Balancing both work and caring for your health doesn't always go hand in hand. More often that not, you might find that having the time to rush to the dance or fitness studio before, or after work, in order to run routines isn't always an option. Boss Ballet Barres understands the fine line we walk when trying to balance work with finding the time to dance and exercise, which is why our free-standing ballet barres are perfect for today's hectic schedule.

Now you can keep your work schedule and still find time to participate in the excellent exercise that dance provides. By having your own portable, free-standing ballet barre--you don't have to worry about getting to a location with a barre to complete your barre stretches, strength training, or exercises. You simply have to have the space to set up and dance!

Boss Ballet Barres creates high quality, easy to use and assemble ballet barres for all your free-standing ballet barre needs. Our Boss Barre Intermediate line offers a perfect choice for any dancer looking to move their ballet barre from venue to venue, making practicing at home, in studio, at school, or anywhere as easy as the set up. The 8ft Boss Barre Intermediate is not only one of our best selling free-standing barres, it is also ideal for those looking for an adaptable barre for use in many different places.

The 8ft Boss Barre Intermediate was specially designed to meet the needs of users ranging from beginner to professional, and everyone in between. It is so easy to set up, and take down that it only needs one tool (the Boss Hex Key) to do so. This barre is also constructed of high structural strength steel components, making it both versatile and durable enough to last for years to come, unlike some of the much weaker thin-wall aluminum barres available elsewhere.

Never let time, the stress of the work week, or a lack of days off, keep you from the exercise your body and mind needs to stay healthy and happy. If you love dance, like those of us at Boss Ballet Barres love dance--then you know that you can always find time to do what you love, and what make you feel good. With Boss Ballet Barres, we can make your dance practices and routines easier with our line of amazing ballet barres.

Contact us today to discuss all of our ballet barre choices, and let Boss Ballet Barres provide you with the finest quality in free-standing ballet barres.

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