Friday 26 September 2014

Are Wooden Ballet Barres, Sanitary? You Decide!

With cold and flu season right around the corner, you'll need to take every precaution to keep you and your children safe from germs that can keep you cooped up at home for days. Plus, you'll also have to count all the time missed from dance practices.

Of course, as a parent or even a working adult, one of the main questions that keeps creeping up in your mind is 'Are wooden ballet barres, sanitary?'

This is a very good question and it's one that can be answered very simply and easily. First, let's look at regular wooden ballet barres:

What can you expect from regular wooden ballet barres?
  • covered in wet perspiration
  • have absorbed perspiration also known as other people's sweat
  • accumulated dirt and grime from hands
  • covered in dirt and grime from feet
  • have absorbed bacteria
  • and plenty of germs!
Now, let's look at Boss Ballet Barres and what makes them stand out above the rest.

If you've never heard of Boss Ballet Barres, you're in for a treat. They were developed by a dancer and not just any dancer - this dancer was the Boss president's daughter. As an accomplished ballet dancer with many awards, she knew what kind of barres the ballet world needed and with a little help from the company's products and extremely structural strong steel tubing, these unique barres hit the market.

What makes them different from the usual germ-covered wooden barres? Boss barres are:
  • made of high-strength structural steel
  • contain a baked-on powdered coating
  • coating is made with a germ-resistant material
  • a quick wipe-down keeps them clean
  • portable
With the worry of sanitary issues gone, practicing through the cold and flu season won't be an issue. Whether you have a barre inside your home or you are looking to get one for your school or business, knowing these barres resist germs eases your mind and that of your students.

If you have a business, be sure to advertise that your barres are germ-resistant. Due to the fact that simply wiping the barre is all it takes to remove unwanted grime, bacteria and germs, you can easily wipe it down after each class to keep colds and flu at bay.
Want even better news?

Boss Ballet Barres now have a flat shipping rate of $50 making it the perfect time to order your barres now!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us so we can help you choose the best barre for your needs.

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