Thursday 2 October 2014

Why Studio Owners Should Choose Portable Ballet Barres

While tradition has long favored wall mounted barres, portable or free-standing barres are becoming a more popular option for studio owners.

Here are the top reasons why Boss Ballet Barres are the best choice for your studio that will put the debate of wall mount vs portable barres to rest: 
  • Our free-standing ballet barres were created because many studios wanted to get away from the wall mount style barre, due to the eventual repairs and maintenance that needs to be done to keep them from coming out of the wall, etc. Not to mention, a portable or free-standing barre allows studios and schools to put dancers on BOTH sides of the barre, to maximize space.
  • Portable barres can be configured so that dancers are all facing the instructor rather than a mirror or wall. This optimizes learning and creates a more focused teaching environment.
  • Wall mounted barres are usually the same height. Our barres come in the standard 44" height, along with our 37" Princess Barre for beginning dancers. Plus, the center bar on some of our models can be adjusted up or down.
  • A wall mounted barre is not something you see in dancer's homes. Our portable barres are ideal for home use. The 4ft Intermediate or Princess Barre are both lightweight and make a perfect gift for the beginning or advanced dancer. We offer gift certificates too!
  • Portable barres also make it possible for studios to use a classroom for ballet class that doesn't have a wall mounted bar already installed.  This is another great example of optimizing space.

Now that you're convinced portable barres are the best investment for your studio, contact us for more information.

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