Friday 5 September 2014

For the Best Ballet Barre Value Come to Boss Ballet Barres

We know that above all else born dancers want to perform. They need equipment to be at the same high level. We also know that dancing is not always the most lucrative of professions. Dance organizations need to stretch their budgets as much as the dancers stretch their muscles. Enter Boss Ballet Barres.

We have a reputation for producing the strongest, longest lasting product in the industry. With Boss, you can make an investment you can depend on.

We have three varieties of barres:
  • The Boss Barre Pro Series: available in 14, 12, 10, and 8 foot models, these barres feature a larger diameter than the Intermediate Series, made for situations where multiple users will be on the barre at the same time, constantly.
  • The Boss Intermediate Barre: this barre is made from high-grade structural steel and is built to withstand heavy use in schools, studios and homes
  • The Boss Princess Barre: built in a smaller size and height than our other barres to accommodate young dancers from 2-6 years of age, the Princess Barre has the strength that can lay the foundation for years of correct practice.
Our product has the strength and durability for continual use whether at home, in school, in companies, or at competitions. We put the same care into it that your dancers have placed in their art all these years.

You will not find better portable, free-standing ballet barres for the money. Hands down, this is the best ballet barre value. Delivery is no problem either. We ship to any destination in North America.

Please consult our website for more information. We also have a twitter feed with the latest news about our business. Don't hesitate to contact us  with any questions.

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