Tuesday 16 September 2014

Ballet Barres a Must for New Studios

If you're opening a new dance studio, there are going to be many things on your mind. The space itself, decor, acoustics, and more are all important considerations that can make or a break a studio. However, one item you really should invest in from the start is a high quality, free-standing ballet barre. Of all types of dance studio equipment, ballet barres pull the studio together and make it a great place to practice.

What are the benefits to installing a free-standing ballet barre in a new studio?
  • Professionalism. A ballet barre immediately makes a studio seem much more professional. Most people associate barres with advanced levels of dance and athletics, and in many people's minds, they define a studio. Without a barre, you could really practice anywhere. Installing  a high quality barre shows students you are serious about dance.
  • Versatility. Ballet barres are useful for so much more than classic ballet (though they remain great for that too). All forms of dance benefit by having a barre to stretch at, and often to practice posture, feet placement and moves requiring dexterity. Regardless of what kind of dance you will be teaching, barres will be of use.
  • Maximize Space. Free-standing barres are particularly useful for new, or recently re-located studios, that may be in a temporary or new space. Perhaps the room has unconventional dimensions, or is a bit cramped. With barres that are free-standing, and not affixed to a wall, you have much more freedom to organize dancers and space the way you want. If you are focusing on conditioning, move them to the center. If they're in the way, put them to the side.

Ballet barres are a necessary purchase for new dance studios. When making that important purchase, you want to choose a barre manufactured by a trusted company. Boss Ballet Barres are known for making the strongest portable barres available, and conveniently ships all over continental North America. Please contact us for more information.

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