Thursday 21 August 2014

Why Your Fitness Centre Should Consider Adding Ballet Barre Workouts

A growing trend in the fitness industry is the inclusion of a different kind of fitness equipment - the ballet barre. Ballet bootcamps and barre workouts have become increasing popular over the past few years, with studios spreading from major city to start-ups in small towns, and many fitness clubs offering classes featuring the barre.

If your studio or fitness center has not yet incorporated barre workouts into the programming, now is the time to change that. For fitness enthusiasts looking to switch up their usual workout routine, or individuals who are ballerinas at heart, these type of classes are providing a solid workout that combines ballet, yoga, Pilates with balance exercises, for full body fitness. Offering barre workout classes provides a new fitness experience that will keep your customers coming back for more. Additionally, with so many members of the general population seeking out barre classes, offering these classes will get new customers into the door as well.

With Boss Ballet Barres, setting up a barre studio has never been easier. With a variety of sizes that are easy to set up and take down, it is possible to transform any open space into a ballet studio. This means a barre class can be held in the same location as other cardio classes, eliminating the need to find additional space. A prime feature of these barres are their portability factor: gone are the days where a barre has to be affixed to a wall. With Boss Ballet Barres, simply set up the barre in any area and use the available Boss Barre Dolly to move it from room to room as needed.

Not only portable, each of the different barres are known for their durability due to high-strength steel construction, and wide leg base offering maximum stability. Available in a variety of lengths, and some with adjustable center bars, they are perfect for everyone from beginner to professional.

Your fitness center or studio can be the hot topic of conversation with the simple addition of a ballet barre and barre workout classes.

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