Tuesday 5 August 2014

Boss Ballet Barres: The Strongest Free-Standing Ballet Barres Will Let You Know YOU Are the Boss!

Boss is well-known for producing the strongest ballet barres available in North America.  We specialize in free-standing ballet barres for studios, dance schools, universities, and for home users.  You will feel like the boss of your workout or dance routine from the moment you place your hand on the stand alone barre by Boss.

Our users range from beginner to professional; therefore, we have designs to fit your every need. You will be assured stability with our ultra-strong construction using structural steel tubes.  For even stronger and more stable barres we add an extreme tensile strength and deflection-resistance material to the middle of our Extended Pro barres.  This allows for the elimination of a third upright leg in the center of the longer horizontal bars, which results in minimal "sag", if any at all.

Feeling grounded, comfortable and safe is an important factor when using a barre, so we give you maximum stability by providing wider leg stances. Stronger is better, however, we don't want "stronger" to be difficult when it comes to setting up or taking it down your new barre.  Our strong free-standing ballet barres are hassle free because there is only one tool, and we provide that for you.  You also get to choose from either a semi-gloss black or white powder coated finish that will fit any décor. This powder coating process is a much more resilient process than regular paint, lasting many times longer, and is also germ-resistant.

Whether you are in the market for a barre for yourself, a child, or business, we feel confident that we can fit your needs.  Our free-standing, strong and durable barres are great for home, small studios, and schools. If you or your students are competing or practicing with one of our barres, you can be assured you in control as the boss, because you are using a Boss Barre.

We carry a variety of sizes and styles, and all of our barres will provide you the strength and durability that you should demand.  You will feel balanced and safe which will make your workouts even more enjoyable.  We ship to anywhere in North America and for more information or to discuss your specific needs, please feel free to contact us.

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