Friday 8 August 2014

Finding the Right Ballet Barres for Your Studio

For dancers of all kinds, ballet barres are an essential part of their education. It allows a degree of stretching that regular floor exercises cannot achieve. These barres provide a support when they are young and learning how to balance, and in their more advanced classes as a vital pointe warm-up tool. Free-standing barres provide portability without skimping on durability. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when finding new free-standing barres for your studio:
  • Ensure the barres you choose have non-marking foot pads, to ensure your investment in good flooring does not get damaged.
  • A wider leg stance creates a much more stable barre; a very important feature to look for.
  • Size is key; measure out how much space you can allow for a free-standing barre during class and for storage.
  • Construction of the barre should be simple and easy, and not wasting your valuable time.
  • Powder coated barres mean that you spend less time maintaining them, unlike wood that must be kept from drying out, splintering and collecting bacteria.
With Boss Ballet Barres, all of these criteria points are met. With varying sizes, colors, and portability options like the Boss Barre Dolly, your studio will be running at full capacity with happy students, parents, and teachers. We also make barres for home use, so a child may continue practice for fun or for an upcoming recital, a teacher can plan out the next class session's barre stretches, or anyone interested in barre fitness can exercise in privacy.

Wall mounted barres can be very costly, but our free-standing barres are reasonably priced. Special promotions at are easy to find, showing you a list price and any current online sale price, and the difference as the savings compared to purchasing the same type of barre somewhere else.

As we are all passionate about the beauty of ballet, let Boss Ballet Barres provide the ease free-standing barres can give you and your studio. We are well known throughout North America as providers of the strongest, most durable barres, so we guarantee our high quality barres for life.

Please contact us today about your next barre purchase.

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