Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Best Portable Ballet Barre Money Can Buy

It was a dancer who suggested Boss Steel Ltd. manufacture a portable ballet barre. It wasn't just any dancer who came up with the idea, but an accomplished, award winning dancer who also happened to be the daughter of the company's president. Her idea sparked a durable line of portable ballet barres that combine our patented line of connectors with high-strength structural steel tubing.

What makes our products better than others is the fact that they're not only fairly lightweight, but also easy to maintain and clean. And even more importantly, they'll last for many, many years. This alone is attractive to studio owners who have to continuously replace and repair wood and wall mounted barres.

At Boss, we developed a set of prototypes and asked our contacts in the dance industry to try them out. What better audience to test a product than the one that will actually end up using them!   Our barres were tested at several schools and studios for over a year before being made available to the general public.

Boss Ballet Barres, a member of the Boss Steel family, is proud of establishing a tradition of superior-quality products and service, where building a relationship with our customer takes priority. Since 1991, when Boss Steel was founded by Doug Loyst and Steve Walker, we have provided superior products and customer service.

Boss Portable Ballet Barres come in a variety of models that are used in the dance studio, classroom or home. In fact, the benefits of barre workouts for non-dancers have been recognized by athletes looking to build strength, flexibility and endurance. Whether you're a studio owner, teacher or figure skater, we have a model that's right for everyone!

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