Friday 17 October 2014

Let Your Mom Know About the Benefits of a Barre Workout For Seniors

Our series on the benefits of Barre Workouts continues this week, with a look at how Seniors can make use of a good barre workout plan.

The age group considered "seniors" is younger and more active than ever. Senior living communities offer an excellent alternative lifestyle, especially for those who enjoy group activities and interesting classes.

In addition to standard exercise classes designed just for seniors, such as water aerobics and low impact cardio, fitness instructors should consider the popular barre workout which can easily be tailored for seniors. Boss Portable Ballet Barres are a perfect addition to a multipurpose room at a senior center. They are lightweight and can be configured to maximize space while giving everyone enough room to easily complete their pliés and elevés!

So what are the benefits of a barre workout: for seniors?
  • Having to remember the sequence of movements at the barre helps improve memory and stimulates the brain, both of which are important as one ages.
  • Working at the barre increases flexibility and builds muscle strength. Both are important factors with seniors who are at risk of permanent injury from falls. 
  • A barre workout will improve posture, whether you're 20 or 70. In an article from BBC News about seniors who have taken to the ballet barre, the instructor remarked on how the women in his class have grown. They've stopped slouching from stretching and lengthening their back and shoulder muscles. 
  • They are part of a group working toward a focused goal. Many seniors have lost a spouse and find a sense of support and community in a barre class.
  • Some seniors danced when they were younger and love the idea of recapturing those memories, but with the advantage of working at their own pace.
  • A barre workout not only strengthens muscles, but bones as well. This also is a major concern for seniors and a barre workout is a terrific alternative to going to the gym to use weights. 
  • You don't need any dance experience! If you can stand, follow directions and move, then a barre workout is an ideal way to get in shape for women and men in in their 50's, 60's and beyond. 
If you know a senior who would love to work out at the barre but doesn't have access to a class, Boss Portable Ballet Barres make the perfect gift for an at-home ballet class. They offer a lightweight beginner's model which can easily be moved and stored.

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