Friday 25 April 2014

A Proper Warm Up is Key to a Successful Ballet Barre Workout

While maintaining a workout routine is key to living a healthy lifestyle, properly warming up before exercising is essential to warding off unwanted injuries. Even though a ballet barre workout is low impact, forgoing a well rounded stretching regiment can have a negative effect on your fitness level which may end up hurting your goal of living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are many misconception surrounding what constitutes as a proper warm up. To help you perform a suitable warm up routine before using your freestanding ballet barre, we have listed the most important concepts behind correctly preparing for your next ballet inspired workout.

Get Your Heart Pumping

When it comes to warming up, many people mistake stretching as the complete package, when in fact, stretching is only part of the warming up process. Priming your muscles for a workout begins with accelerating your heart rate and getting your blood flowing. You can accomplish that by jogging briskly, jumping in place, or performing any activity that slightly picks up your heart rate. The goal of any warm up is to communicate to your body that you are about to go through a vigorous workout.

Stretch Don't Strain

Once you've got your blood flowing, you can begin the next step of warming up. Stretching your tendons, ligaments, and muscles helps prepare them for the more strenuous extension exercises you will perform on your ballet barre. There are two critical points you must remember as you carryout your stretching routine. The first is don't force your stretches. You are trying to ready your body for your workout, not overextend your muscles, which can ultimately lead to an injury. The second is don't bounce into your stretches. There was a time when bouncing was encouraged but in today's fitness world, bouncing equals less control over your muscles which can result in you getting hurt. While stretching is critical to a successful workout, you must refrain from overexerting your muscles.

Don't Push Your Hold Time

Holding a stretch for too long is a common mistake. Many individuals believe the longer you remain in a position the better the results. Unfortunately, this misunderstood concept can cause your body damage. Stretching before a workout should focus on relaxing your muscles not pushing them to the limit. Every person is different and should time their stretches according to their body's boundaries.

Jumping into a workout on your portable ballet barre without warming up and stretching can have a dire effect on your fitness. A proper warm up routine will help you further your workout results and keep you from injuring yourself. If you are looking to elevate your fitness level, adding a portable ballet barre to your home gym can provide you with a unique and effective exercise experience. To view our durable, freestanding barres, please contact us today.

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