Friday 9 May 2014

The Ballet Barre is an Important Part of Many Fitness Routines

All across the nation and around the world, ballet-inspired fitness classes are cropping up, making use of the ballet barre and even bungee cords in order to give participants a ballerina's physique.

According to a recent article from Reuters, the International Health, Raquet & Sportsclub Association reported this year that 39 percent of gyms offer dance fitness classes. In classes, the article states, the barre is often used for the participant to hold on to for balance, while working on strengthening shoulder muscles or for doing ballet postures, plies, leg lifts and more. 

Bungee cords, in conjunction with our ballet barres, are offering a new spin on some ballet-inspired fitness workouts, being suspended overhead and used by participants to sustain the first or second position and to sculpt muscles, work the upper body, upper thighs and challenge the core, the article stated.

If you're hoping to bring your ballet-inspired fitness workout out of the gym and into your home, Boss Ballet Barres can help. Inspired by an accomplished dancer -- the daughter of our company president -- we use our current steel product lines to make an amazingly durable, portable ballet barre that will stand up to the most rigorous of workouts. Whether you're a competitive ballerina, an exercise enthusiast, the owner of a gym or studio, or the parent of a child in dance class, our ballet barres are easily moved from room to room and venue to venue so they can go anywhere you need them to be.

For more information on the various sizes of Princess, Intermediate- and Pro-series ballet barres we carry, contact us.

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