Friday 11 April 2014

How to Choose a Quality Dance Studio for Your Child

If your child has shown interest in dancing, now may be the perfect time to enroll them in dance classes. Selecting a dance studio you're comfortable sending your child to will require a bit of research. If you're unsure on how to start your pursuit for a quality dance studio, the list provided below can help you narrow down your choices before making your final decision.


Asking friends about their own experiences with a studio is an excellent starting point for your search. Their opinions on the setting and the teachers at the dance school can help you decide whether or not further research is warranted or if you should simply cross a studio off of your list.

Visit a Variety of Dance Studios

The only way to truly feel out a dance studio is by visiting the establishment. The overall appearance of the studio is a good indication of how the school is run. If the front lobby is organized and the dance equipment, barres and floors are well maintained, you can rest assured the owner and staff take pride in their dance studio. On the other hand, if the environment is chaotic, the studio's dance classes will most likely reflect the school's atmosphere.

Talk to the Teachers

During your visit, ask to talk to the dance studio's instructors. Finding out each teachers dance qualifications plus their experience with children can tell you if they have the proper training. Sitting in on the class you wish to enroll your child in is also key to knowing whether the instructor's teaching technique is a good fit for your child's personality.

Inspect the Equipment

The quality of the dance studio's equipment is essential to your child's safety. Ask about the dance floor and whether or not it's cushioned. Dancing can be a high impact activity and if the floor is not cushioned your child has a higher risk of hurting themselves. Dance barres are another piece of equipment that you're likely to spot in a studio's classroom. Now-a-days many establishments invest in portable dance barres due to the convenience of moving the barre from one classroom to another. While you're walking around the building take a moment to inspect the strength and sturdiness of the dance barres you see.

Nurturing Your Child's Love For Dance

Once you've chosen a quality dance studio and your child has started to attend classes, their love for the art of dance will quickly bloom. If you've found yourself looking for ways to further their dance experience, you may want to consider purchasing a portable dance barre for your home. Doing so will allow your child to practice outside of the studio which can boost their confidence and their skills.

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