Tuesday 6 January 2015

Make Your Business Stronger with Portable Ballet Barres

If you are the owner of a dance studio, your business could greatly benefit from adding portable ballet barres. At Boss Ballet Barre, we make the strongest, and sturdiest of ballet barres available. The fact that you can purchase portable barres makes for great convenience to your business. Give this a thought...  You may not want to stay in your current location long-term. A larger facility may be an option in the future. If you have the Boss Portable Ballet Barres in your studio now, they could easily be transferred to your new facility.  If you do plan on staying long-term, our portable ballet barres are easily moved from studio room to studio room, and can be carried by only one or two students or teachers.

You most likely have a class for younger children. What is the biggest concern for parents of a child in learning? Safety is their number one priority. You can put their minds at ease by telling them just how strong and durable your ballet barres are. Here's the thing with parents: when they find something that's enjoyable and safe for their child, they share that information with other parents. Therefore, you may gain new customers just by having the safest and strongest ballet barres around.

As with most studios, you probably have a few different classes. Maybe one for small children, or beginners; and another for young adults, and another for more advanced students. The great thing about the Boss Portable Ballet Barres is that you can get them in many different sizes. The smaller children may get more benefit from our Princess barre, since it is designed shorter than the studio standard height, with children in mind. You could easily have a Princess Barre on one side of your studio, and still have one or several of our standard-height Intermediate or Pro barres on the other side.

For your convenience, we ship all over North America, currently with Flat-Rate Ground Shipping.  Feel free to contact us to speak to our helpful staff with any information request you may have.  They will be happy to help you figure out the best options for your business.


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