Friday 9 January 2015

How Ballet and Barre Fitness Can Help Kids Concentrate

As you may have seen or experienced yourself, children seem to have shorter attention spans these days, and the number of kids being diagnosed with attention-related disorders is at an all-time high. One way to help your kids become more focused without medication is through ballet. This classic form of dance is suitable for kids of all ages, and will allow them to have fun while also strengthening their minds and bodies.

The structured setting provided by a ballet class allows children to develop discipline and self-control. These concepts are reinforced as they practice new positions over and over to master them. In time, they become more confident in their abilities, and are more willing to listen to instructions both on and off the dance floor.

Physical exercise isn't just good for the body-it’s also beneficial to the mind. Kids who get exercise on a regular basis have less stress, better memories and are more focused than children who do not exercise. It’s not unusual for children to achieve higher grades after taking ballet lessons for only a short while.

When children participate in dance classes, they’ll be getting physical exercise instead of spending time in front of a television or computer. This is important, as overusing technology can also reduce a child’s attention span. They’ll be less likely to do these things outside of ballet class, since they’ll also need to spend time practicing at home.

Ballet and barre fitness isn't just good for children, but it’s also a great form of exercise for adults. For this reason, many families enroll together so they can spend quality time with each other and have fun at the same time. These families often purchase ballet barres for home use so they can practice outside of the dance studio as well.

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  1. Living a healthy life is something everyone wants. And I think activities such as Ballet and Barre do help kids concentrate more on their studies and other stuff.

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