Thursday 4 December 2014

The Best Ballet Barre Exercises to Define Muscle

It's not just ballerinas who work out at the barre these days. Celebrities, athletes and every day people are using the ballet barre to build and define muscle with safe, non-impact workouts. A Boss Portable Ballet Barre is the perfect piece of equipment for the perfect workout.

Here are the top 5 ballet barre excercises you can do in the studio, classroom or privacy of your own home. Be sure to warm up first with lots of stretches.

1. Plié: With feet apart and toes pointed outward, bend your knees and lower yourself toward the ground. Keep your heels on the floor.  Put your free arm out straight to the side. This will stretch your thighs and glutes.

2. Grand plié: Similar to a  plié, this time you'll slowly raise your heels as you descend toward the floor until the back of your thighs make contact with your calves. This will give a deeper muscle stretch.

3. Relevé: Again, with feel apart, toes pointed outward and your free arm to the side, raise yourself up onto the balls of your feet bringing your heels off the ground. This move will engage your calves and feet muscles. Be sure to keep your legs straight.

4. Battement tendu: With one hand on the barre and legs together, slide your outside foot out, keeping it on the floor and ending with a point. This will stretch the foot and build overall leg muscles. This is a great way to warm up also. Do several repetitions and then switch sides and work the other leg.

5. Rond de jambe: With one hand on the barre, point outer foot and move in a semi-circular motion keeping toes on the floor. This is like sweeping the floor with your toes. This helps with hip flexibility and defines calve and foot muscles. For a more advanced workout, you can do the same move with your foot in the air. After several repetitions, turn and do the same move with your other leg.

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