Monday 13 January 2014

Athletes Now Turning to Fitness Barre to Help Them Improve Performance

People are no long using ballet barres simply for dancing or fitness. A number of athletes are now turning to the fitness barre to help them improve their performance as well. This trend is being followed by athletes in a number of different sports, and is popular among men and women alike.

Swimmers are taking to the barre to learn rapid-fire foot drills in order to build speed and balance. In doing so, they are also strengthening their core and preparing their arms and legs to perform extreme movements while in the water.

Hockey and soccer players are learning ballet barre exercises in order to improve their flexibility, speed, endurance and range of motion. In fact, NHL goaltender Ray Emery has touted that fitness barre workouts are largely the reason for his return to the league after suffering debilitating hip problems.

Ballet barre workouts can be combined with other components such as stability balls, free weights and exercise bands to help firm and tone muscle. As a result, they have become quite popular with people who perform martial arts or boxing.

The fact that cardio can be incorporated into a routine has allowed long distance runners to build their endurance, thereby allowing them to finish races much sooner. Long distance cyclers can benefit not only from increased endurance, but enhanced balance and stability as well. Specialized workouts have even been created especially for basketball players and skaters.

Fitness barre routines have a number of benefits for athletes of all skill levels. To purchase a ballet barre that will help improve your own athletic performance, contact us.

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