Thursday 10 July 2014

It's Time to Replace Your Wall-Mounted Barres

If your wooden barres are beginning to crack or splinter, they are becoming a health and safety hazard, and it's time to replace them.

Once those old barres begin to show signs of wear, they are no longer as sturdy as they need to be in order to keep your dancers safe. Their cracked surface becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other health hazards, and certainly everyone knows that splinters are no fun.

So now it's time to replace those barres. Wall-mount ballet barres have been a standard for dance and fitness studios for a very long time, but they have their limitations. They limit barre use to the walls of the studio, they can only be used from one side, and they are only as stable as their attachment to the wall.

If you'd like to get more use of your barres, providing better access to more users, then it might be time to replace your wall-mounted barres with our free-standing Boss Ballet Barres.

Our barres are crafted from high-strength, structural steel components that make them reliable while being flexible and portable. You're no longer limited to working against the mirror. With the quality Boss Barres, you can have both stability and flexibility, having unobstructed view of the mirror, no matter what direction you face.

Line the barres up across the center of the studio and everyone can be facing the same direction for instruction, and you can now really fill your barre fitness class with eager students!

Add one of our cost-effective dollies with non-marking casters, and your barres can travel, making any number of spaces available for warm-up, training, or practice.

If you've been wondering if it's time to replace those old wall mounted barres, then it probably is. So think differently; think of our stable, safe, reliable, and flexible, free-standing steel barres.

Contact us; we'd love to help you choose the barres that will fill your needs.

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