Friday 21 February 2014

From Creative Promotion Tactics to a Portable Ballet Barre: Tips on Starting a Successful Dance Studio

While deciding to open your own dance studio can fill you with joy and fear at the same time, properly preparing for this monumental occasion can ease some of your anxieties. Provided below are some basic rules you should follow while you are formulating your plans to create a successful studio.

Target Audience

Your first step in planning should concentrate around who your studio will cater to. If your goal is teaching young children ballet, your location and studio design will need to accommodate that choice. On the other hand, if teaching an older audience is your mission, your decisions will most likely differ on some fronts. While you may want to appeal to a variety of age groups and dance styles, you should still select a core market that you initially wish to attract to your business.


The importance of selecting the right location should never be overlooked. Potential students are often drawn to spots that are convenient for their everyday life. If your dance studio is primarily focused on a youth audience, you should try and find a spot that is near a school. When adults are your main clientele, a location that is in your towns downtown area or near the business district is a good choice.

Studio Design

Now comes the fun part. Selecting your dance studio equipment and the interior design will truly bring your dream to life. Whether your studio has one classroom or multiple rooms, creating an uplifting environment is a big part in recruiting students and keeping them happy. A high quality ballet barre is essential to every well equipped dance studio. Choosing a portable barre brings a large amount of freedom to your classroom design, especially if your studio is smaller, or you teach numerous dance styles. Floor to ceiling Mirrors covering at least one wall is also highly recommended, along with mats and a spring wood floor, which provides cushioning to lessen the impact your joints take while dancing.

Marketing and Promotion

Your business won't receive the attention you desire if you don't take the time to promote it properly. While your basic marketing techniques are always important, taking a more creative stance can help your dance studio take off. If you are looking to recruit younger students, you should consider approaching the local school district. You can offer to host a free class by using your portable ballet barre in the school's gym. This will help attract new students and it will also educate parents and kids on the importance of an active lifestyle. If adults are your key audience, a grand opening that showcases the dance styles you teach while providing a session of free instruction is an excellent way of getting people to visit your studio for the first time.

While opening a dance studio can send your stress levels skyrocketing, here at Boss Ballet Barres, we can help alleviate some of your anxieties by introducing you to our high quality and reasonably priced dance barres. If you would like to view our selection of barres, please contact us today, and we'll be happy to help you any way we can.

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