Friday 12 October 2012

An EXTENDED Addition to Our Barre Family!

Today is a BIG day for us here at Boss Ballet Barres.  Literally!  We're very proud to announce our latest addition to our Boss Barre Pro family: The 12' Extended Boss Barre Pro!  Our new barre hasn't been to the studio for a professional photo shoot yet, but below is a preview.  Please note that the sliver bar connecting the upper and lower horizontal barres will, of course, be powder coated to match your barre.

Our 12ft (144 Inch) Extended Boss Barre Pro is a specially-engineered version of our Pro Barres.  The latest design to come out of the Boss Ballet Barres R&D Department, a special process was created to add extreme tensile strength and deflection-resistance to the middle of the barre.  This allowed us to eliminate a third upright leg in the center of the horizontal bars, and have very minimal "sag", if any at all.
So what prompted this new addition?  YOU!  Many of our customers, although extremely satisfied with their 8' and 9' Boss Ballet Barres, were looking for something even longer.  We tested designs, constructed prototypes, iterated on them over and over, and we're ecstatic with the final results (and we know you will be too!).  Currently, we are offering a 12' Extended Boss Barre Pro, and we will be adding a 14' version in the coming weeks.  As always, they will be available in our powder coated semi-gloss Black, White, and even Pink.  And for a really complete aesthetic look, you can even order color-matched (or contrasting) powder coated connectors.
Our Boss Ballet Barre Dolly is the perfect compliment for our new 12' Extended Barre.  Perfect for allowing the barre to be moved around easily.  Like peanut butter and jelly, a match made in heaven.  Please let us know what you think, as we're always listening to our customers for ideas, improvements and refinements to our Boss Ballet Barres and related products.

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