Wednesday, 13 June 2012

RDA Gala Pics and Our Autographed Barre Winner

We wanted to share some more pictures from Boss Ballet Barres' debut at the RDA National Festival in Montreal this past May.  These were taken at the Gala on the final evening of the Festival.  It was great meeting so many people, and we had an amazing time.

A big thank you to our whole team, without whom none of this would have come together.  Geert, Joel, Doug, Geoff, Dave, Andrea, Amy, Mary-Ann, and all the rest.  Also, we wanted to once again thank Gretchen and all the others at Regional Dance America and the Palais des Congres for facilitating the whole event.

The presentations begin.
A look around the huge banquet room.  2 hours earlier, this room was three separate ballet halls.
Our President, Doug Loyst, thanking the RDA for the opportunity to feature our Boss Ballet Barres.
Doug with the lucky winner of our Autographed Boss Ballet Barre, Kendall Bottemiller from Vancouver, WA.
Congrats to you Kendall!

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  1. Was an incredible event and the number of people who showed up for the event was just amazing. Congratulations to the winner and hopefully your group will prosper in future.